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Welcome to Magoo's Monkey Zoo

Hello and greetings from Magoos Monkey Zoo.  An online Art Gallery show casing the art work of  Emil Gatone aka Magoo a contemporary artist creating the Art of Now.  On my  online Art Gallery Magoo's Monkey Zoo you can find all my most current  shows  and works of art.  As well as the archive collection of my past shows. But this particular gallery page entitled . This Instant , Now and Forever mirrors all my Instagram posts . As I post on Instagram I will up date this page so all of my Insagram post's can be seen right here ... This Instant , Now and Forever. By doing this I can offer the Instagram viewer a gallery view of my art is it should be displayed. Instead of the tile format of display Instagram uses. 

if you have found this page via my Instagram account be sure to explore the rest of the galleries on my web page Magoo's Monkey Zoo and be sure to stop back to this page as it will be constantly  evolving and growing over time. And if your not following me on Instagram start to so you can get all my current post.

  Enjoy and thank you for stopping by Magoo's Monkey Zoo.                          Emil / Magoo

Welcome to the desk of Emil Gatone .

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Lets start this off with a Monkey Hand.

IMG_3723 (1).jpg

Title : This One is for my Muse I Mean simply for my amusement i.i. Meant.( A Study of Monkey Hand )

Oil on gallery stretched canvas 

Size 30" x 40" 

By : Emil Gatone

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