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this instant. right now

and Forever .

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Welcome to Magoo's Monkey Zoo

Hello and greetings from Magoos Monkey Zoo.  An online Art Gallery show casing the art work of  Emil Gatone aka Magoo a contemporary artist creating the Art of Now.  On my  online Art Gallery Magoo's Monkey Zoo you can find all my most current  shows  and works of art.  As well as the archive collection of my past shows. But this particular gallery page entitled . This Instant , Now and Forever mirrors all my Instagram posts . As I post on Instagram I will up date this page so all of my Insagram post's can be seen right here ... This Instant , Now and Forever. By doing this I can offer the Instagram viewer a gallery view of my art is it should be displayed. Instead of the tile format of display Instagram uses. 

if you have found this page via my Instagram account be sure to explore the rest of the galleries on my web page Magoo's Monkey Zoo and be sure to stop back to this page as it will be constantly  evolving and growing over time. And if your not following me on Instagram start to so you can get all my current post.

  Enjoy and thank you for stopping by Magoo's Monkey Zoo.                                                                     Emil / Magoo

Welcome to the desk of Emil Gatone .

A.K.A. Magoo .


Please take a card


Lets start this all off with some Monkey Hand.

Monkey hand :

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Title : This One is for my Muse I Mean simply for my amusement i.i. Meant.( A Study of Monkey Hand )

Oil on gallery stretched canvas 

Size 30" x 40" 

By : Emil Gatone

: This One is for My muse.

This One is for My Muse I Mean simply for My amusement i.i. Meant. Is the latest addition to a long running ongoing series of oil paintings titled Monkey Hand. This is a study of the original painting: Yet Another Elastic Organ, which was created over twenty years ago now. This particular painting completly consumed me and my dreams, as all of the paintings from this series do. I was stuck in constant thought, lucid dreaming over my muse. The pure energy and source of inspiration that her beauty is to me, fueling my lucid dreams on. Leaving me in a perpetual daydream over this beautiful creature and her, big beautiful blue eyes. As I worked on this painting I was capturing all the moments of my time , I spent lost in my dream... lost in though... just lost as I created yet another beautiful piece of art work inspired by a beautiful creature. 


Title : This One is For My Amusement I Mean My Muse i.i. Meant.( A Study of Monkey Hand )
Oil on gallery stretched canvas 
Size 24" x 36"
By : Emil Gatone


Title : Learned Anything?(A Study of Monkey Hand )
Oil on gallery stretched canvas 
Size 24" x 18"
By : Emil Gatone


Title : Have You Learned Anything Yet?( A Study of Monkey Hand )
Oil on gallery stretched canvas 
Size 24" x 18"
By : Emil Gatone


Title : As Pretty as You are Little Miss Bug a Bug Your Blue Eyes Spilled Out.
: A study of Monkey Hand
Oil on stretched canvas
Size  : 24" x 18"
By : Emil Gatone

Monkey hand :


Title: Monkey Hand
Yet Another Elastic Organ
Oil on stretched canvas
Size : 24 " x 36 "
By : Emil Gatone

: Yet another Elastic Organ

Monkey Hand Yet Another Elastic Organ was painted in a 72 hour period of time . It was created when I was in my mid twenties in a single setting . I worked on it in a panicked state of mind . As I severed the thumb extensor tendon in a severe laceration to my hand as well as most other tendons in the thumb in my right hand . Being that I am right handed . I was very concerned that I was not going to be able to paint with my right hand. so used my left hand to create this and one other painting in that 72 hour time period . I have created many studies of this particular painting . I recently completed the next painting in this on going series of oil paintings. This painting is entitled Monkey hand ( This One is For My Amusement I Mean My Muse I Meant ) . This oil painting is on a gallery stretched canvas measuring 24 " x 36 ".I am currently also showing learned Anything : A study of Monkey Hand, and, Have You Learned Anything Yet : A study of Monkey hand both oil on streched canvas. They are being shown by inventation or oppointemnt only at this time at my Bucks county based studio Magoos Monkey Zoo. For more information on viewing any of my work contact me at


Title : Pay Day Pop
: A study of Monkey Hand
Oil on stretched canvas
Size  : 8" x 10"
By : Emil Gatone

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The M.M logo no signiture.jpg


Shabby chic Under Ground

Shabby Chic By Magoo


Since the Spring / Early Summer of 2019 Magoo Got busy. Really really busy on  producing a whole bunch vintage Shabby Chic furniture. I refurbished and restored select pieces of furniture that are purchased based on there age and the condition it is currently in. I only restore clean and quality vintage pieces of furniture from the sixties and older. All these pieces of furniture have been shown some TLC threw its life so far. I then restore the furniture to a perfectly usable condition not like new but they are restored to the quality pieces of furniture they are now with lots of life left in them. With freshly teak oiled drawers to bring out the solid wood beauty of the drawer. I then apply a beautiful Chalk paint finish to the restored pieces of furniture. Then the furniture is distress it to expose the under coats of paint and natural wood tones below. I then apply a wax finish to the furniture with a end result of some stunning shabby chic finishes. These pieces are for sale and are available for pick up at my Studio Magoo's Monkey Zoo. Or delivery is always available with in the tri state New York and the DC metro area. To purchase any of my Shabby Chic furniture please Visit my Etsy Shop Shabby Chic by Magoo. For easy a convent purchase. link is at bottom of this page . and I thank you for your support because all proceeds and funds raised by my shabby chic furniture goes directly in to the production of my fine art and other side projects. So please follow link at bottom of this page 

Bed Room landscapes :

Hey ... houston :

Hey Houston as I pointed out before it appears as if one of them is walking away

Oil Painting by Emil Gatone
Oil pinting by Emil Gatone
Oil painting by Emil Gatone

Title : The Static Started to Clear and Only one Thing was Certain
Oil on stretched canvas
Piece #1 of a 4 piece series
Size :  16" x 20"

By : Emil Gatone

Title : There wasn't a Cloud in the Sky Leaving no Where for Them to Run and Hide
Piece # 2 of a 4 piece series
Oil on stretched canvas
Size 18" x 24"

By : Emil Gatone

Title : Wake up Huston One of Them is Walking away
Piece #3 of a 4 piece series
Oil on stretched Canvas
Size : 16" x 20"

By : Emil Gatone

Magoos monkey zoo © All art work titles and photography copyright Emil Gatone ©

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