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With No Grandeur or the Blues

it is Just a Delusion of a Dream :

: Staring straight down Main Street Now Just take the first hard right.

Oil painting by Emil Gatone

Title : With No Grandeur or the Blues it is Just a Delusion of a Dream
Oil on a Gallery stretched canvas
Size 30" x 40"
By : Emil Gatone


With No Grandeur or the Blues it is Just a Delusion of a Dream. Is the third oil painting in this series. And is a study of the original oil painting entitled Dreams of Grandeur and the blues size  24 " x 36 ". This was my first oil painting that i did after switching over back when I was eighteen from working in acrylic for over three years and practicing and exploring oils during this time. Working in only oils from that point on. I have this original oil painting still in my possession and I am currently restoring it to its original state . As for then second painting from this series entitled This is not a Dream or a Delusion its Sodo Blue size 56" x 56 "  Its location unknown I sold it way Back in my early twenties . I am currently looking for the photos of this painting they exists and  are digital Photos just be patient i will find Them and share . 


This oil painting and many other of my oil paintings as well as many of my pen and ink drawings were show publicly. In one of the two large bay front widows of a local merchant. That i acquired for the purpose to show my work in for six months in 2014 inculpating the spring and summer in Doylestown PA. These windows sat at the very busy inter section of Rt 611 and West State St. : 5 South Main Street Doylestown PA located in the heart of the Arts and Culture section of Doylestown PA.


The price above is for the cost of the oil paintings shown above. a 6% PA sales tax will be applied at the time of the initial purchase and a shipping charge will be added to the cost only after the ship to location is provided and all levels of insurance disired is added to the total price and at this point a final invoice will be forward to you and your piece of art will ship upon clearance of final payment.

Magoos monkey zoo © All art work titles and photography copyright Emil Gatone ©

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