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I am currently showing my work by appointment only out of my Bucks county based studio Magoo's Monkey Zoo.  My studio is located in Doylestown Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia PA and a very easy hour and a half drive from New York City. Located in beautiful historical Bucks County. I can be often be found working on my Pen and ink drawings in the parks of Bucks county as I am know to frequate them often. My art work is available  online on my online gallery Contact me at for further information or to make an appointment to view my art work.

Magoo's Monkey Zoo


Sunflowers, coat tails, and Top hats.

A One man art show Featuring the oil paintings and pen and ink drawings of Emil gatone

Aug. 9th threw sept. 15

amoungs the sunslowers and the ever present stair 

Noon to 8 pm

 At Magoo's Monkey Zoo

Sun Flowers, Coat Tails, and Top Hats . A one man art show featuring the art work of Emil Gatone. Show casing my Monkey Hand series of oil paintings and a brand new pen drawing sereis as well as past pen and ink drawing shows. This event Will be held every Friday Saturday and Sunday from August 9 2019 threw September 15 2019. In the Sun flower gardens and vegetable garden of my studio Magoo's Monkey Zoo witch is located in Doylestown PA just out side of Philadelphia and a very easy hour and half drive out of New York City in beautiful historical Bucks County.



This is an open studio/house style art show Held in the sun flower gardens and garden space of my studio Magoo's Monkey Zoo. All are invited and all are welcome this is a sun shine kinda event ... meaning if its raining its not taking place and if its sunny its on. So come on out and see this one man art Show casing the amazing oil painting and pen and ink drawings of Emil Gatone.  

Still to be announced is the location and date of a one weekend special engagement Gallery show out of ether New York City or the Philadelphia PA in the old city art district area. Stay tuned for more information or its location and date and be sure to Email me at to get on the Guest list.

Make  An appointment to view my work at my studio Magoo's monkey Zoo

Located in Doylestown PA

Magoos monkey zoo © All art work titles and photography copyright Emil Gatone ©

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