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Magoo's Monkey Zoo

 The last Fifty Years Already Had     There Fifteen Minuets of Fame

It is Now I and I's

 time to shine

After my pervious show entitled : Fifty Years of Complete Freedom. Which was a collection of oil paintings and pen and ink drawings representing the different time periods and creative styles I have worked in over the last twenty six years of my life. Show casing a sizeable collection of my life's work. As well as my newest oil painting from my monkey hand series. entitled :
But now it is time for I and I to shine . So once again I have assembled a collection of my life's work. Theo this time it will be focusing on and show casing my minimalistic pieces of art work. Most of witch have never been shown online before now. Other then in privet showings at my Studio at that time Nation Magoo.

my amusement 6.jpg

A One man art show Featuring the oil paintings and pen and ink drawings of Emil gatone

Feb 2nd threw feb 2nd 2023

Rinse and Repeat 

Noon to 8 pm

 At Magoo's Monkey Zoo

 for social distancing purpose a viewing appointment is required

Magoos monkey zoo © All art work titles and photography copyright Emil Gatone ©

This End Up

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