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Sketch books :


Pc.#1 Title : M2D2.1.1

Pc.#2 Title : M2D2.1.2
Pen and ink on paper
(as well as any other surface that a sharpie pen marks well on )
Size : 4.5 " x 6.5"
By : Emil Gatone

Pen and ink drawing by Emil Gatone
Pen and ink drawing by Emil Gatone

This stencil was created over twenty years ago now and has been worked into a series of oil paintings and countless pen and ink drawings on paper. As well as any other surface a Sharpie marks well on over the past twenty years. These two drawling are from my M2D2 sketch book and are curantly avalable as a set .This is an open ended series of pen and ink drawings. They are being created in batches of twenty five at a time. This is set number one / artist proof. It consists of the two pieces and is currently on display as shown in my studio Magoos Monkey Zoo. They come framed in a plain black frame and are double matted and behind glass. I am currently taking orders for the next 25 sets. As they have just been completed and are ready to ship so dont miss out on these earlier numbered sets. I will be completing the next three batches soon and will be taking orders for them soon as well.

Magoos monkey zoo © All art work titles and photography copyright Emil Gatone ©

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