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Staring straight down main st. now just take the first hard right :

I am sorry, as I said. My bad, go up to the light then go and make the not so hard right. Now stop here on your way up to new york or on your way back from philly or just if your on the 202 for a litle drive to the river .its here either way, right  where i put it. right along the 202 ... all the way from the 101 well some of them. you see thats were beebs started to melt. as did most of these paintings in this paticulare show. I created them as i bounced them and my self about back and forth the United States only for them to wind up right back were i started from on main st in doylestown pa .at a very busy intersection that is referred to as Main Street and West State Street. Oh wait, that is Route 202 and 611 to me and mabye even you. This group of paintings sat there in those windows in as what I would refer to as one of my guerilla style shows, the preferred  way of showing my work.  For just under six months this group of oil paintings sat there some of them literally staring right back at you as you sat at the red light waiting your turn. For this particular showing of my work I simply asked to use the windows to show my art as I explained. Simply put, I liked those windows, I liked them a lot. Because at this particular location #### North Main Street Doylestown PA, this very very very busy intersection of Rt 611 and West State Street aka Rt 202. So I went in and said... Hey lady, hey there miss, I like your windows. I like this intersection, I like it a lot. Can I, can I please, can I show my work here... show my work here... for free? replying with a polite... why sure. I say thank you. With that said she has a couple of my pen and ink drawlings from my M.A.L series as a thank you as well. This intersection is rt 611 and west state street a very busy intersection with a very lenthy light at it. With lots of foot trafic as well. so if you happeneed to catch the the show that sat there your welcome i hope you enjoyed it. as most nights it was light up real nice. But as i stated back to the point this was a gurillia style showwing of my work .So before i even went in and asked to use these windows i did the math . Doylestown has a anuale art show that draws quite a nice crowd . but its the price tag you see, that dont quite agrea with me. kinda steep doylestown its kinda on the steep side not to put it down but we already got enough small little  hills in this town for us to go up up up and down.. so my work sat there for free for every one to see at the busiest intersection in doylestown one off the busiest spots in the whole show. and that was my mission my motive when i walked in .and asked if i could show my work .show my work here for again thank you.oh and you will never guess whats sits right across the street in clear veiw of this said show.let me give you a guess let me give you here is a little a hint let me give you a clue. How would you like that ground or with or with out whip on that miss one lump or two. so again your welcome as you sat in the beutifule mornining sun drinking your over priced coffees down emjoying them im sure. once again well lite in the morning suns glow  i gave you this bright and color full show.

So again your welcome and i do sencerly hoped you enjoyed the show. Now that same show .Staring Straight Down Main Street Now Just Take the First Hard Right. is currently now on display by opontment only at this time out of my studio magoos monkey zoo. As i am in the process of opening a working studio gallery space to showcase my work the gallery will be called Magoos Monkey Zoo as well and sits just off rt 202 in doylestown PA.the gallery is opening in the spring of 2016.  

Magoos monkey zoo © All art work titles and photography copyright Emil Gatone ©

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