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Emil Gatone : AKA... Magoo

Emil Gatone also known as Magoo, have been producing my art since I was a teenager with a recognizable difference in style between the two. Signing my art work as Emil or Magoo, I became aware of my obsession with painting in my early twenties and the dream like state it leaves me in. Prompting me to work almost exclusively in oils and pen and ink for twenty some years now. Expressing myself and living as true to my own self as possible and developing a style unique to me inspired by surrealism, pop and abstract art with a great appreciation for street art. Inspired by a single muse my wife, lover, best friend, and companion on this planet for over thirty years now, the two of us crisscrossing the United States in a way as if we were on an expedition of this great country and its melting pot of culture, as well as the pockets of subcultures along the way. Exploring them ourselves and our minds almost to over indulgence, pressing the envelope along a very thin line the whole time, living in an almost self-imposed surreal state of being. Constantly in a state of lucid dream, through meditation, living my life to almost complete content, keeping in mind that life is as surreal as one allows it to be. I have resided in Doylestown Bucks County Philadelphia area for most of my life, with extended stays in Phoenix Arizona, southern Utah, and southern California. My travels left me with a great passion for the west coast and the deserts of Sedona Arizona and the south west which can be seen influencing and inspiring me as an artist. Finding inspiration as well, travelling back and forth on the highways between Philadelphia and Florida, and visiting the happiest place on earth with my family, again on a journey to explore pockets of culture as well as exploring most of the major cities in the United States. Showing my work throughout on my journeys to interested people as well as interesting people, it was on one of these crossing of the United States that I started to refer to my studio and gallery, at the time Magoo's Monkey Zoo, as NationMagoo. Feeling it only fitting to my work, as it is a product of the true sense of freedom that the United States has to offer the individua

digital drwing by Emil Gatone

Magoos monkey zoo © All art work titles and photography copyright Emil Gatone ©

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