Two Point Two m.m. Pop:

: Staring straight down Main Street Now Just take the first hard right.

Title : Two Point Two M.M. Pop
Oil on stretched canvas
Size  : 18" x 24"
By : Emil Gatone


This oil painting and many other of my oil paintings as well as many of my pen and ink drawings were show publicly. In one of the two large bay front widows of a local merchant. That i acquired for the purpuse to show my work in for six months in 2014 incumpasing the spring and summer in Doylestown PA. These windows sat at the very busy inter section of Rt 611 and West State St. : 5 South Main Street Doylestown PA located in the heart of the Arts and Culture section of Doylestown PA.

Title : Two Point Two M.M. Pop Point Thirty Three
Oil on stretched canvas
Size  : 54" x 56"
By : Emil Gatone


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