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M.A.L. : mpg. I Got Gallons Furiosa Gallons:

M.A.L : mpg.

My M.A.L. also know as my (Moan A Lisa) series is a long, ongoing and always growing series of pen and ink drawings. I create them in mixed media as well and these stencils have found their way on to many, many, many walls. They are created with stencils that I have produced of my muse Lisa Cornely over the years. Just as the original Mona Lisa has that intriguing little smile, that little smirk she is so famous for... well my Moan A Lisa also has an intriguing little smile all her own. these drawing measure 11' x 14" and come framed in a 18" x 22"  black frame they are double matted and behind glass. 

M.A.L. : mpg.1.1

set #1 a/P


M.A.L : MPG.

M.A.L : MPG.1.1 through M.A.L : MPG.1.5 , They are all part of an ongoing sub series of my M.A.L. series titled : I Got Gallons Furiosa Gallons. As the title states there is no end in sight for this one. This series is a mixed media paintings on canvas board.  The medium is acrylic paint, ink, and oil based paint markers. It is not a print or silk screen but is being created in numbered sets. The set above is set number one / artist proof. It consists of all five pieces and is currently on display as shown in my studio Magoos Monkey Zoo. They come framed in a plain black frame and are double matted and behind glass. The first five sets are currently available so do not miss out on these earlier numbered sets. I am currently taking orders for the next five sets, set number six threw number ten as i am at this time working on and will be finishing them up soon.

M.A.L : pen and ink

Pen and ink drawing by Emil Gatone

M.A.L : mpg. Available Sets

$500.00 Each

M.A.L : Mpg.1.2 set #2

M.A.L : mpg.1.3 set #3

M.A.L : mpg.1.4 set #4

M.A.L : mpg.1.5 set #5

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