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Magoo's Monkey Zoo


A One man art show Featuring the oil paintings and pen and ink drawings of Emil gatone

Altered ego

after twenty six years of self proclaimed perfection This is all I got left.

Now for a Bit of a flash back and a big  leap forward

Now for a bit of a flash back and Big leap forward as I bring back all of the oil paintings and pen and ink drawings from all my previous shows that currently have left in my possession. Starting of with my first show witch was entitled, Twenty Six Years of Self Proclaimed Perfection. Dating all the way back to the earlier years. When I was creating my art out of my original and long running Studio Nation Magoo. To a big leap forward as I.n.i create the Art of Now out of my most current studio Magoo's Monky Zoo.Where I.n.i ar producing my most currant one man Art show entitled Altered Ego

tHIS oNE iS FOR my amusement

Magoos monkey zoo © All art work titles and photography copyright Emil Gatone ©

A Nation Magoo Production

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