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Hello and greetings from Magoos Monkey Zoo an online Art Gallery show casing the art work of  Emil Gatone aka Magoo a contemporary artist creating the Art of Now. And on this online gallery you can find my most current  shows  and works as well as the archives of my past shows. As well as a nice cross section of my works with a good and a plenty and a many, many,many different gallery's to explore. So take your time really look around and enjoy get lost drift off,  work your way back to the home page only to explore and look around some more . But when all done be  sure to stop back as well because Magoo's Monkey Zoo is constantly growing and evolving over time and all the time. while viewing on your phone is a nice starting point to view my work. But be sure to give Magoo's Monkey Zoo a peek or two on your tablet or computer for an optimal viewing experience.  Enjoy and thank you for stopping by Magoo's Monkey Zoo.                                  Emil / Magoo

oh Magoo... looks like YOu and your monkey hand did it again.

Oil painting by Emil Gatone

: This one is for My Muse I Mean  simply for my Amusement i.i. meant 



the sounds of magoo's monkey Zoo

The M.M.Z. Digitail drawing by Emil Gatone of Lisa Cornely

Hand crafted wood percussion instruments by Emil Gatone 


Hey. Captain you seeing this Its M.A.L. she has been all digitalized.. And all Captain.

and she appears to be a pull n peel tab. so we will all be ok.

Digitail drawing by Emil Gatone of Lisa Cornely


yes captian. She is still on the Fold.

Photo by Emil Gatone
Digital drawing by Emil Gatone of Lisa Cornely


#MZ11xx w/snare

Birch body cajon with a fixed snare 3mm birch face plate


Shabby chic Under Ground

Shabby Chic By Magoo


Seven shades of Color later

Digital drawing by Emil Gatone of Lisa Cornely
Digitial drawing by Emil Gatone of Lisa Cornely
Digitial drawing by Emil Gatone of Lisa Cornely
Digitial drawing by Emil Gatone of Lisa Cornely
Digitial drawing by Emil Gatone of Lisa Cornely
Digitial drawing by Emil Gatone of Lisa Cornely

Magoo's Monkey Zoo

 In my early twenties, I started showing my art work out of my working studio at the time Magoo’s Monkey Zoo. Which was named in tribute to the 23 primates that were killed in the tragic fire in the primate house at the Philadelphia Zoo.  I spent a lot of time among those cages when I was a child and I started to question human evolution and my own existence It was then that i had the recognition that I was nothing more than a primal being my self with a whole lot of technology. For over thirty five years now since the age of fifteen i have been producing my art starting in acrylic paint with a change over to oil paint on stretched canvas only after a few paintings. Leaving only a few of these early works in acrylic available. As well working/extensively in pen and ink on paper as well as other mediums it has evolved over the years into a sizable collection of art works worthy of collecting and maintaining there integrity as long as it can be preserved on this planet, and beyond. As digital art has given us the abilities to do so. I again evolved as did my art. Threw the years I have developed a style all of my own and again i have grown always evolving. Now I am experimenting in sound and light. with a solo sound project entitled Naked Buy Noon. I am developing an abstract poetic, folk / punk Acoustic ,unpolished , raw percussion sound that forms from my internal chaos inside my self centering  with an end result of  melodic patterns manifesting into music. Witch is bought to by  Naked Buy Noon for your listening pleasure out of my studio located at Pools Corner Doylestown PA.


Now Magoo's Monkey Zoo features the art work of Emil Gatone. I am a contemporary artist creating the Art of Now. I am based in Doylestown which is located in Bucks County Pennsylvania, right outside of Philadelphia and just over a hour to New York City.  I have been creating and showing my art for over twenty five years now threw out the United states as well as the World vie the World Wide Web with views from all around the World with visitors from over one Hundred and twenty countries World wide. Working mainly in oils and pen and ink in a wide range of styles and inspiration.  I have developed a style unique to myself, inspired by surrealism, pop, and abstract art with a great appreciation for street art. As I am creating the Art of Now and I'm currently showing my work by appointment only out of my Doylestown, Pennsylvania based studio/working gallery Magoo's Monkey Zoo.   For further information see my bio page or contact me to schedule an appointment to view my work. My work can be found as well on my online Gallery

Keep on going

The M.M.jpg

Magoo's monkey Zoo

Is constantly evolving and growing

The M.M.jpg

and Growing, Growing, and growing.

so please Keep on going,

going, and going 

The Art of Now

the art of now gallery is the featured show of magoo's Monkey Zoo. Show casing the art work of Emil Gatone. here you will find my most current show as well as a selection of  my most current works . 

 Other Peoples scary places :

Other Peoples Scary Places 1.jpg

Magoo's Monkey Zoo


May Day . MAy dAy . May day . May day .

 ... Hey Houston.

We most definitely have a


A One man art show Featuring the oil paintings and pen and ink drawings of Emil gatone

April 20 threw may. 1 

amoungs the sunflowers and the ever present stair 

Noon to 8 pm

 At Magoo's Monkey Zoo

 for social distancing purpose a viewing appointment is required








Bubble Kisses :

Bubble Kisses Seven Shades Later:

Digital image by Emil Gatone

hey... houston :

Hey Houston... It Appears as if is one of them is blowing you a kiss as she walks away.

33 and a 3rd :

The Sea Saw Eye on a Ride Along the 33 and a 3rd.

looks like Sea Saw Sea Monkeys Captain... They are bubbling up from the depths below. Captain...

Digital image by Emil Gatone

33 and a 3rd :

W.T.F. is bubbling up from the depths deep down below us now Monfree

Deep sea Creepy Peeper bubbles


Dirty old..

Deep sea Creepy Peeper bubbles.

Specimen 1.11.jpg

specimen # 1.11 

Specimen 2.11.jpg

specimen # 2.11 

Specimen 3.11.jpg

specimen # 3.11 

Specimen 4.11.jpg

specimen # 4.11 

Specimen 5.11.jpg

specimen # 5.11

The Window watcher

The window watcher AN illustrated poem By Emil Gatone

spy cam.jpg


Any likeness or similarity to any person dead or alive in this illustrated poem or any of the illustrations contained herein is  purely coincidental. Unless that is you are the proverbial perv  that creepy creep that keeps trying to get his dirty little  peep.  So, if so, you know who you are... so own it creep ... Peeper.

Stop back soon

Magoo's monkey Zoo

Is constantly evolving

Digital drawing by Emil Gatone

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Digital drawing by Emil Gatone


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